welcome to jennas book box . i hope you like my website about well..books!i had alot of fun making this website and learning how to do new things!i really hope you enjoy meh website and ill stop borthering you now.

this website is about books. i read books a lot.morning noon and night. in fact i just read a book a half an hour ago.i like reading because it helps with my bad focus.reading can be boring but it can also put you in a hole new world!even if its just an online book or an actual book reading can be really fun!books help me learn so meny things and even helped me find a new hobby.

ferret lol


going to the library can be really fun and also really cool.ya sure it can be boring sometimes and really quitebut once youfind a good book you wont want to leave.when you cheack out a library book you need to take care of it.leaving it out where itcan get ruined is not a very good idea.make sure to keep ypur library book away from any water soures and animals. when returning your library book make sure you have it in on time and its not bin harmed in anyway.


finding books you like is a really big its a seires or just an plane old book picking what book you like will help you enjoy your book even more.all the books i read i enjoy thats why i love reading because i enjoy them.if you like learning books you can like learning book no one will judge you.

r e a d

reading can make someone really happy and make them enjoy life a little more.if theres a book you really want but it costs alot of money get it if it will make you happy :).even if it is manga.

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